Vehicle Tracking Service

Knowing the exact current location of all vehicles is crucial for your Dispatchers to make the right decisions in vehicle assignments and minimizing unnecessary cross town vehicle deployment. This provides better service, reduced fuel usage and better vehicle and crew utilization.


  • Real-Time GPS Location Updates as the vehicles move.
  • Remote Vehicle Location monitoring on any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone.
  • Current Speed, Time, and Direction of travel.
  • Sensor shows when the light bar is turned on.
  • Automatic Stop Notification.
  • Address Look-up.
  • Routing and Turn-By-Turn Directions.
  • Unlimited Geo-fencing.
  • Playback of Tracking showing Route Taken, Speed Traveled and Stops.
  • Archived Data Available for 90 Days.
  • Extensive Reports including Detail of Travel, Geo-fence, Stop Report, and Sensor Report.