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Innovative Towing Solutions For Fleet Management

Elevate your towing operations with our cutting-edge iFleetTow towing solution, integrating GPS for real-time tracking, DashCam for enhanced safety and incident recording, and PTO engagement for precise control, ensuring a seamless and secure towing experience for both service providers and customers.

Towing Solutions With A Combination of GPS, Dash Cam, and PTO Engagement

A towing solution that integrates GPS (Global Positioning System), DashCam (Dashboard Camera), and PTO (Power Take-Off) engagement can offer a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing towing operations. This combination of technologies enhances safety, provides real-time tracking, and ensures proper engagement of the power take-off system for towing vehicles. By combining GPS, DashCam, and PTO engagement, Our iFleetTow solution offers a robust and intelligent platform for managing towing fleets, enhancing safety, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Efficient Fleet Operations

TIS Fleet's Towing solutions provide a centralized platform for managing and optimizing fleet operations. With real-time tracking, assignment, and PTO functionalities, operators can efficiently allocate resources, reducing response times and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Quick and reliable service is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction in the towing industry. Our towing solutions empower operators to provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), and track service progress, for elevating the overall customer experience.

Fuel Management

Our Comprehensive towing solutions includes robust fuel management features. By monitoring fuel consumption, idling trends, and integrating fuel card data, operators can identify areas for improvement, leading to substantial cost savings and a more sustainable operation.

Preventative Maintenance

Towing vehicles undergo significant stress, and breakdowns can be costly. Towing solutions offer proactive maintenance features, allowing operators to monitor vehicle health, track engine diagnostics, and address issues before they escalate. This predictive approach minimizes downtime and extends the lifespan of the fleet.

Safety and Compliance

Fleet safety is a top priority in towing operations. Towing solutions provide tools for monitoring driver behavior, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and generating insightful safety reports. This not only enhances road safety but also mitigates potential legal risks.


The integrated iFleetTow solution can automatically generate reports and documentation related to towing operations, providing a comprehensive record for compliance, audits, and internal analysis.


In the fiercely competitive towing industry, delivering swift and efficient service is paramount for heightened customer satisfaction. Prioritizing productivity and profitability, TIS Fleet’s towing fleet management solutions offer valuable insights and intelligence, empowering you to not only meet but surpass customer expectations.


Fleet Tracking Application

Gain Scalability

Our towing solutions are designed to scale with the growing needs of the business. Whether expanding the fleet or diversifying services, these solutions offer flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving demands of the towing industry.

GPS Location Positioning
Roadside assistance technology

Dual Dash Cam For Accurate Towing Services

Our Dashcams enhance towing services for trucks by providing crucial documentation of road activities, aiding in accident resolution, and ensuring liability protection. They contribute to improved driver safety through continuous monitoring, fostering responsible driving behavior within the towing fleet. Additionally, our dashcams offer operational insights, enabling towing solution providers to optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, and maintain compliance with legal requirements.


Tow truck tracking

Integrated Data Analytics

Combining data from GPS, DashCam, and PTO engagement provides a holistic view of towing operations. This integrated data can be used for performance analysis, optimizing routes, and improving overall efficiency.

Towing fleet management
Towing dispatch system

Centralized Platform For Remote Monitoring and Control

iFleetTow‘s centralized platform allows for remote monitoring and control of the entire towing fleet. Fleet managers can access real-time information, receive alerts, and even remotely control certain functions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Towing operation optimization


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