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Discover cutting-edge Fleet Management Solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency with our industry-leading company. Optimize your fleet’s performance and boost productivity with our innovative solutions.

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Experience Peace of Mind with Our Cutting-edge Fleet Management Solutions.

Fleet Tracking Application

Manage your business from any location with our Premier Fleet Tracking App.

 Complimentary with your TIS Fleet subscription, the fleet tracking app ensures the continuous and secure operation of your fleet. Tailored views for both administrators and drivers promote enhanced teamwork and productivity, regardless of their location. Utilize the TIS Driver Scoring model to swiftly evaluate driver performance and introduce incentive programs for heightened driver engagement. Conversely, pinpoint drivers at higher risk and support their growth through personalized training and gamification.

Fleet Tracking Application
Asset Tracking Map

Asset Tracking

Safeguard your valuable equipment and trailers using an advanced asset tracking system.

Gain visibility into the location of your equipment and the whereabouts of your workforce through our real-time asset tracking dashboard, simplifying the scheduling of asset deliveries, pickups, and maintenance with enhanced efficiency. Our built-in features, including geofencing, provide precise alerts when an asset departs from its designated zone.

AI Powered Dual-Facing DashCam

The Future of Fleet Safety with Artificial Intelligence Dash Cam Technology.

Be ready for any situation with AI-driven smart detection software and the precision of our dual-facing dashcam. This advanced dashcam records both road incidents from the front and in-cab driver behavior, offering a comprehensive view of critical moments on the road. Safeguard your drivers and your business by having the capability to establish innocence when the driver is not responsible.

AI Powered Dash Cam
ELD elogs

ELD (eLogs)

Tackle Fleet eLogs compliance with assurance.

With TIS eLogs, compliance is a breeze for you and your commercial drivers. It not only meets but surpasses FMCSA 395.15 regulations for Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), fulfilling all the prerequisites of the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate. As a valuable addition to TIS Fleet, eLogs simplifies log keeping, ensuring ease and precision.


Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracking services empower your business with real-time monitoring and advanced insights for optimal fleet management

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking solutions offer precise, real-time monitoring to safeguard and optimize your valuable assets.

Trailer Tracking

Elevate your operations with trailer tracking, ensuring you always know the status and location of your trailers.

Temperature monitor

Trust our advanced cold room and cold chain temperature monitoring to maintain the integrity of your products throughout their journey.

Reefer Tracking

Vehicle tracking provides real-time visibility and control over your fleet's location and performance.

Waste Management Monitoring

Optimize waste management processes with our monitoring solutions, enhancing efficiency and sustainability

ELD Compliance

Ensure ELD compliance effortlessly with our user-friendly and efficient tracking solutions.

Students/School Bus Tracking

Enhance student safety and transportation efficiency with our comprehensive school bus tracking services.

Dual Facing DashCam

Experience complete monitoring and safety with our dual-facing dashcam solutions for comprehensive video coverage.

Ambulance Management

Empower your ambulance services with our advanced management system, ensuring timely response and patient care optimization

Empower your fleet with versatile connectivity

Our platform offers a complete suite of customizable apps and tools, granting you the flexibility to tailor fleet management according to your preferences.

GPS-based fleet management

Seamlessly integrate your fleet’s technology with Virtual Vehicle, our integrated hardware solution that ensures real-time data connectivity with your drivers.

Partnering with leading OEMs in the industry, we’ve engineered a connected vehicle platform that’s factory-ready and primed for immediate deployment.

Fleet tracking technology

Enhance your operations with user-friendly telematics and fleet management software designed for a superior experience for both drivers and back-office personnel.

Equipped with our platform, every member of your fleet gains access to the necessary tools for boosting productivity, safety, and efficiency throughout their journeys.

IoT connectivity for fleets

Unlock the potential of your fleet by utilizing our partner app and integrations marketplace, allowing you to select the applications that align best with your fleet, drivers, and operations.

Explore our comprehensive range of solutions, covering compliance, fuel management, maintenance, navigation, safety, and more, tailored to meet your fleet’s specific needs.

IoT Fleet Management

Leading the IoT Revolution in Telematics

The TIS telematics devices introduce innovation to various sectors within the transportation, fleet management, and asset tracking markets.

 Integrated with a wide range of passive and active RFID tags, it enables the seamless integration of numerous IoT applications into traditional tracking solutions.

For Software Developers and Integrators

We offer the telematics industry’s most adaptable, modular, and easily customizable platform to address your customers’ evolving requirements. 

Over 150 integrators across 25 countries rely on Wireless Links’ Piccolo Platform for GPS Telematics, IoT, and ELD devices, setting themselves apart through innovative and unique solutions in their respective local markets.

Integrated fleet telematics
Scalable IoT fleet solutions

For Fleet Managers and End Users

Our cutting-edge GPS tracking hardware solutions, coupled with our robust fleet management cloud platform encompassing GPS tracking, ELD Compliance, Camera, and IoT solutions, deliver the ultimate real-time GPS fleet management and asset tracking platform to businesses of all sizes.

Ready To Get Started?

Unlock smarter and more efficient operations in public transportation, logistics distribution, and heavy equipment activities. Connected fleets leverage telematics through in-vehicle IoT-enabled devices, providing real-time insights for enhanced performance.


An IoT Fleet Management System is a comprehensive solution that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor, track, and manage a fleet of vehicles in real-time. It involves the integration of various technologies, such as GPS (Global Positioning System), sensors, telematics devices, and communication systems to gather and transmit data related to the vehicles in a fleet.

Key features and capabilities of an IoT Fleet Management System include:

  1. Real-time Tracking: The system enables real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to monitor their location, speed, and status at any given moment.

  2. Telematics Integration: Telematics devices collect and transmit data on vehicle performance, including fuel consumption, engine health, and maintenance needs.

  3. Route Optimization: By analyzing data and traffic patterns, the system can suggest optimal routes for vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and improving efficiency.

  4. Remote Diagnostics: Fleet managers can receive alerts and notifications regarding vehicle health, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

  5. Driver Behavior Monitoring: The system can track and analyze driver behavior, providing insights into factors such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling, contributing to safer driving practices.

  6. Asset Utilization: Fleet managers can optimize the use of their assets by monitoring vehicle usage patterns and making informed decisions about deployment and allocation.

  7. Fuel Management: Monitoring fuel consumption and optimizing routes contribute to more efficient fuel usage, reducing operational costs.

  8. Compliance Management: Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, such as hours-of-service regulations, is facilitated through automated reporting and monitoring features.

  9. Integration with Other Systems: Integration with other business systems, such as inventory management or customer relationship management (CRM), enhances overall operational efficiency.

  10. Data Analytics: Advanced analytics tools provide actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making for fleet optimization and performance improvement.

IoT Fleet Management Systems are widely used across various industries, including logistics, transportation, and delivery services, to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall fleet performance.


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