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Experience Quick Assistance Through Our Integrated Electronic Logging Device With iFleetELD

Our comprehensive ELD solutions not only eases DOT compliance but also seamlessly integrates with your fleet management system. Additionally, it provides round-the-clock mobile app support for your commercial drivers.

Achieve ELD Compliance Easily with the Most User-Friendly and Cost-Efficient iFleetELD Log Book Solution

Optimize Your Fleet’s Daily Operations and Simplify FMCSA Compliance with our iFleetELD DriverLog ELD Solutions, designed to cater to fleets of all sizes. Paired with our industry-leading plug-and-play ELD, eLog devices equipped for WiFi or Dual USB/BLE communication, it seamlessly captures engine diagnostics, driver status, and GPS tracking. This not only ensures compliance but also contributes to a safer work environment.

Extensive Solution

As part of our extensive range of solutions, including fleet management, temperature monitoring, fleet dash cams, and more, we offer a unified platform that streamlines your business and reduces costs.

Multi-Language Support

Our iFleetELD system provides support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French Canadian, and Mandarin Chinese.

FMCSA Compliant

Our system adheres to the regulations set by the FMCSA, ensuring compliance with Federal, Texas, and California rules, as well as the Canadian HOS ruling, seamlessly transitioning between them as needed.

How Our ELD Compliance Solution Works

Introducing the most comprehensive family of plug-and-play E-logbook devices in the industry, designed to meet all your compliance needs.

An Integrated Compliance Solution Tailored for Your Organization


HOS Driver Logbook Compliance

Hours of Service (HOS) driver logbook compliance is a crucial safety requirement for the trucking industry. It regulates the number of hours a driver can operate a commercial vehicle during specific timeframes, aiming to reduce driver fatigue-related accidents. Adhering to HOS compliance is essential to ensure road safety and avoid penalties for violations.

In Short, the federal government issued the Elog mandate (also known as the ELD mandate or ELD Final Rule), which requires operators of commercial motor vehicles to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) for recording driver and vehicle data. The HOS elog app by TIS Fleet is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It allows drivers to easily record their daily hours of service (HOS), change their duty status, log duty status for co-drivers, and seamlessly handle roadside inspections.

Your ELD Log Book – Personalized Control

Take charge of your compliance with iFleetELD powered DriverLog’s ELD log book. It provides an easy way for you to monitor your on-duty status for the current shift and cycle, ensuring you’re in control.

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ELD Compliance Solutions

Simplified Operation with a Single Button

Switching your duty status is as easy as pushing a button; there’s no need for complicated menu navigation. DriverLog automatically updates your status when your journey begins and ends.

Incorporated Co-Driver Assistance

DriverLog effortlessly records duty status for co-drivers. Co-drivers can access their data, allowing them to check their logs and monitor their remaining time, all while the driver’s logs are actively maintained. Transitioning between team drivers is as easy as a single click.

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driver elog

Roadside Inspections

DriverLog offers a password-protected officer view, ensuring a secure and straightforward approach to DOT inspections.

Fleet & Compliance Managers

Our cloud-based iFleetELD software empowers fleet managers to gain real-time visibility of their drivers and their statuses from anywhere, whether on a mobile device, desktop, or laptop, regardless of their location.

Gain Complete HOS Visibility

TIS Fleet’s user-friendly Hours of Service (HOS) and trip inspection solution, designed for both fleet managers and drivers, elevates safety standards within fleets. Configure in-depth dashboard reports for driver logs and remaining hours while efficiently managing unassigned logs. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive reports detailing driver logs and remaining hours
  • Instant HOS status upon login
  • A comprehensive overview of driver availability and recaps
eld hos

Real-Time Insight

Gain real-time access to current and historical Hours of Service (HOS) data for all your drivers. Make suggested edits to your drivers’ logs and manage any unidentified driving events with ease.

Comprehensive Insights

Enhance efficiency with in-depth reports that provide crucial Hours of Service (HOS) insights at your fingertips.

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IFTA Compliance

Simplified IFTA Compliance

Streamline your operations with automated IFTA fuel tax reporting, which includes tracking total distance driven, differentiating between toll and non-toll roads driven in each state, and monitoring fuel purchases. You can even set it to automatically email the report to your inbox at the end of each quarter.

ELD Devices

We provide a range of ELD devices to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re seeking a standalone ELD elog solution or one integrated with a fleet management system, our devices are designed to meet your preferences. These devices transmit the necessary ELD data to the HOS Elog app via either WIFI or Bluetooth BLE.

ELD Devices

Piccolo Plus WiFi Hotspot

Your Future-Ready Fleet Management Gateway

Introducing the most advanced and cost-effective ELD solution designed for fleets, offering an unparalleled set of features. With real-time visibility into location status, wireless sensor data, and a built-in WiFi Hotspot, it’s your all-in-one solution for HOS compliance.

Our innovative design empowers fleets to meet the ELD mandate without incurring extra cellular data costs, thanks to seamless connectivity through the in-cabin WiFi Hotspot.

Piccolo BLE

Your Complete ELD-Ready Telematics Solution

Piccolo BLE is an advanced telematics gateway designed to meet all your fleet management needs. It seamlessly plugs into the vehicle’s ECM, providing a comprehensive solution that includes engine diagnostics, driver behavior monitoring, temperature tracking, and more.

To ensure ELD compliance, Piccolo BLE efficiently sends ECM data through Bluetooth BLE and, optionally, via a standard USB cable. This data is then seamlessly integrated into the DriverLog App, which operates on any tablet or smartphone. With Piccolo BLE, you’ll have all the tools necessary for a hassle-free and robust fleet management experience.

ELD Compliance Management
ELD Management solution

BlueLink ELD Devices

Your All-in-One ELD Compliance Solution

BlueLink ELD offers a versatile and easy-to-use solution for ELD compliance. It’s compatible with all major vehicle protocols, including J1939, J1708, and OBDII. With a wide variety of plug & play cable options to choose from, BlueLink ELD seamlessly works with any vehicle.

This innovative system sends GPS and ECM data via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to the DriverLog App, which runs on any mobile device. The DriverLog App receives the data and syncs it with the cloud through the mobile device’s cellular data plan.

If you’re looking for a standalone ELD compliance solution, BlueLink is your answer. It plugs directly into your vehicle’s ECM without interfering with your existing telematics setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your fleet.

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