GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking Solutions For Fleet Telematics

Achieve greater success with a tailored telematics fleet management solution designed to cater to your specific vehicle tracking requirements, providing comprehensive insight into your fleet’s whereabouts.

Leading the Industry with Our iFleetGPS Telematics Fleet Management System & Telematics Devices

Elevate your fleet management capabilities through the integration of the state-of-the-art iFleetGPS fleet tracking platform and our Piccolo vehicle tracking devices. Enjoy seamless real-time tracking and monitoring for all your vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and equipment, courtesy of our user-friendly plug-and-play solution. Experience an instant improvement in work productivity, cost-effective fuel management, efficient fleet maintenance, heightened fleet and driver safety, and increased customer satisfaction.

A Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking System

Instant alerts enable enhanced dispatching and rapid response to important notifications. Effortlessly monitor your fleet vehicles using our interactive map & telematics Devices and choose the specific vehicles you wish to track. Hover over a vehicle’s location for additional details, such as its speed during transit or estimated arrival times.

With the all-encompassing iFleetGPS telematics fleet management platform, you gain a real-time perspective of every aspect of your fleet vehicles and assets, accessible anywhere and anytime. This includes insights into fuel consumption, oil pressure, distance traveled, RPM, and many other critical data points.

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Straightforward Fleet Maintenance

Identify vehicle issues remotely and avoid expensive downtimes. Receive weekly or daily reports on vital faults to keep your fleet operating seamlessly. Streamline fleet maintenance by setting reminders based on odometer readings, engine hours, or date ranges. Additionally, stay proactive in managing oil changes, driver license renewals, PM inspections, and more.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking Reporting System

Our 360° reports empower you to assess your fleet comprehensively, revealing cost-saving prospects throughout your operation.

ELD Solutions
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Theft Prevention

The iFleetGPS vehicle tracking system offers theft prevention through geofence and tow detection features.

Receive instant geofence alerts with GPS location data when the unit enters or exits a predefined area. With tow detection, the unit can identify vehicle movement even when the ignition is off.

Enhancing Fleet Safety with Dashcams.

Our dashcams are purposefully crafted to complement the everyday efforts of fleet managers and safety directors. Whether employed to improve insight into driving behavior or to document evidence that can absolve a driver, dashcams offer vital data that aids fleets in bolstering safety.

These dashcams record driver behavior events, including sudden braking, acceleration, lane changes, turns, and automatically upload the footage to the cloud via Wi-Fi. This comprehensive and cost-effective solution serves fleet management, ELD compliance, and camera functionality needs.

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ELD Compliance

Ensure ELD Compliance with Our Vehicle Tracking Solution. Our advanced platform seamlessly integrates Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to help fleet operators meet regulatory requirements effortlessly. 

We provide real-time tracking, hours-of-service monitoring, and automated reporting, ensuring that your fleet adheres to ELD regulations while enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Vehicle Trackers That Will Suit Your Needs

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