About us

TIS Fleet is a trailblazer in the GPS-based fleet management and asset tracking sectors, offering unmatched innovation in both hardware and software solutions.

Who We Are

Transportation Information Systems (TIS) was founded in 1996 as a California Corporation for the purpose of providing computer systems and support services to the ambulance industry.

The founders brought with them over 25 years of experience in supporting the need of the medical transportation industry. The vision of the company then, as it is today, is to develop leading edge technology solutions and to provide the highest level of support services.

Today, TIS provides fleet management solutions for a number of diversified industries with proprietary software products as well as state of the arts GPS vehicle tracking and wireless Internet communications.

All products are designed for highest reliability at the lowest possible cost. TIS customer support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from coast to coast. All technical support representatives are based in the US and are fully trained to address the needs of our customers.

What We Do

TIS Fleet is a pioneer in the GPS-based fleet management and asset tracking markets, offering cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our Piccolo family of products for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking represents the most innovative and comprehensive mobile solutions in the telematics industry, combining the latest electronic technology with over 13 years of development expertise. This integrated solution empowers us with full control over all hardware and software components within the system.

Businesses, both small and large, across 10+ countries have successfully adopted TIS Fleet solutions. Our customers hail from diverse industries, including Ambulance services, Trucking, Courier companies, Towing services, Limousine operators, and Public Safety agencies, to name just a few. They vary from ‘Mom and Pop’ fleets with as few as five vehicles to industry giants with thousands of TIS Fleet GPS units integrated into a single system.

We’ve established partnerships with over 100 integrators in 10+ countries spanning Europe, North America, Asia, and South America. They’ve chosen to collaborate with TIS Fleet and utilize the Piccolo Family of GPS-based mobile solutions to distinguish themselves through innovation and unique functionalities in their local markets.

“Partnering with TIS Fleet provides a competitive advantage for integrators, software companies, and end users alike. Whether you’re an integrator, software developer, or end user, teaming up with us offers a strategic edge in the market.