Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

A fully integrated, automated temperature monitoring solution

TIS wireless temperature monitoring solution enables easy monitoring of all cold storage devices and spaces within cold chain logistics, including refrigerators, coolers, cold rooms, and freezers. The hermetically sealed and fully waterproof TS-sensor automatically, reliably, and securely measures temperatures 24/7 in all environments, ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Maintain Cold-Chain Integrity Throughout the Supply Chain with LoRa-Based Wireless Temperature Sensors.

iFleetTemp‘s cold storage room temperature monitoring system provides a seamlessly integrated and automated temperature monitoring solution, offering real-time and historical temperature data to simplify FSMA compliance. LoRa-Based Temperature Sensors send SMS/email alerts for specific conditions, such as freezer door openings or temperature deviations, granting you precise control over cold room and refrigerator temperature data to prevent product loss as your items traverse the cold chain.

Access Real-time and Historical Temperature Data

Effortlessly and automatically capture temperature data throughout your cold chain, eliminating the necessity for manual record-keeping by establishing a unified, automated temperature logbook.

Enhance Quality Control

Quickly detect any anomalies that may have arisen at a single glance. Receive real-time email and SMS alerts when temperature deviations occur, reducing costs associated with temperature-related spoilage.

Simple Plug & Play Installation

Whether using wired or wireless sensors, enjoy an effortless setup and seamlessly scalable solution for cold room monitoring.

Improved Visibility

Our cloud-based remote monitoring system provides uninterrupted access to temperature and humidity data from your cold storage facilities, complete with a comprehensive audit trail. Utilize the dashboard view to delve into the details of all your monitored cold storage units and access critical data over any chosen time frame.

Scalable Solution

Whether you have a single freezer or multiple facilities spread across the globe, our remote monitoring solution can adapt to your requirements. Easily oversee numerous refrigeration units in various locations through a centralized interface, providing access to data from any device.

Streamlined Compliance Reporting

Satisfy the rigorous monitoring and safety standards mandated by government and regulatory entities within the food and medical sectors. Automate your daily reporting responsibilities and generate reports effortlessly to showcase your compliance efforts, ensuring readiness for audits.

How Our iFleetTemp Powered Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring System Works

Step -1: Sensors and Data Logging Solutions.

Our sensors, when applied to refrigeration units and cold rooms, enable remote monitoring of temperature and humidity. This ensures that equipment is functioning correctly and in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as HACCP.

Step -2: Cloud-Based Monitoring

Our data loggers collect temperature and humidity data and seamlessly transmit it to our cloud-based remote monitoring system, iFleetGPS. This allows you to access critical data anytime and anywhere.

Step -3: Effortless Compliance Reporting

 TIS’ user-friendly dashboard provides a consolidated view of all critical monitoring information on a single screen. This simplifies real-time status checks, audit trail access, and compliance reporting. Generate customized automated reports effortlessly to meet compliance requirements.

Step -4: Real-Time Alerts

Customize alarm notifications, such as phone calls, SMS messages, or emails, to promptly alert users and prompt corrective action to safeguard your assets. Set up alerts for warnings, excursions, high/low variable readings, and device failures or disconnects.

Cost-Effective LoRa-Based Wireless Temperature Sensors

LoRa (Long Range) Based Wireless Temperature Sensors are innovative devices designed to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor temperature in various environments. These sensors utilize LoRa technology, a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol that excels in long-range communication and extended battery life.

Our LoRa-based trackers equipped with wireless temperature sensors offer a cost-effective solution, quickly deployable within minutes, establishing a wireless infrastructure for tracking and monitoring room temperatures and temperature-sensitive assets within your warehouse.

Cold Room Temperature Monitoring System
Cold Chain Monitoring

Streamline Regulatory Compliance with Cold Storage Monitoring

Continuous automated temperature logging around the clock removes the need for manual temperature logbooks, streamlining FSMA and FDA compliance.

Effortlessly Ensure FSMA & FDA Compliance with Our  Cold storage room Monitoring System.

  • Streamline Cold Storage temperature monitoring by accessing both real-time and historical temperature logs within the TIS iFleetTemp Dashboard.
  • Effortlessly review historical temperature data in the Reports section of the TIS iiFleetTemp Dashboard, enabling customized report exports for in-depth analysis.
  • Demonstrate the cold room conditions by utilizing temperature tracking logs within the Fleet Dashboard.

Seamless Cold Chain Integration

TIS FLeet provides a comprehensive temperature monitoring solution (named iFleetTemp) that seamlessly integrates into your entire cold chain operation. This unified ecosystem ensures temperature control and monitoring from warehouse storage to the last mile delivery, creating a cohesive and efficient system for your goods’ journey.

Cold room monitoring

Convenient and Scalable Cold Room Monitoring System

Our comprehensive cold room and refrigerator monitoring solution caters to a wide range of cold storage facilities, spanning from individual refrigerators to pharmaceutical-grade units.

Whether you’re safeguarding frozen food, laboratory samples, or vital vaccines, our monitoring solutions encompass all the necessary features to validate the proper storage conditions. They are designed to promptly alert you in case your refrigerated inventories face any risks

Customized Alarm System and Notifications

 Establish customized alerts to notify you when particular conditions are detected. This includes alerts for actions such as freezer door openings or closures, temperature fluctuations beyond desired levels, and more.

Cold chain monitoring alert


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