RFID School Bus Tracking Solutions

A Comprehensive System to School Bus & Student Tracking ( iFleetSBSM )

School Bus and Student Tracking services have become essential for educational institutions to streamline transportation operations, enhance student safety, and improve overall efficiency. TIS offers peace of mind to parents, reduces administrative burdens, and contributes to more reliable and secure student transportation.

School Bus Monitoring Solution


School Bus Student & Fleet Tracking service is a comprehensive and technology-driven solution designed to enhance student transportation’s safety, security, and efficiency. Our iFleetSBSM system combines GPS and real-time tracking technology to monitor school buses and ensure the well-being of students while they are on their way to and from school.

Parents, school administrators, and transportation staff can track the exact location of school buses in real-time, allowing for accurate arrival times and improved student safety.

With iFleetSBSM, parents and school officials can ensure that students are safely on board and reach their destinations securely. In case of delays or unforeseen circumstances, alerts and notifications can be sent to relevant parties.

In the event of a weapon-related incident on a school bus, law enforcement can respond more rapidly to the location thanks to real-time tracking data. Faster response times can be critical in ensuring the safety of students and preventing further harm.

Our service includes exclusive tools for optimizing bus routes, reducing travel time, and minimizing fuel costs. It helps schools run an efficient transportation operation.

Geofencing enables the creation of virtual boundaries. Alerts are triggered if a bus enters or exits designated areas, such as school premises or no-entry zones.

In the event of emergencies, the iFleetSBSM system can provide quick access to crucial information, enabling schools to respond promptly and effectively.

 Parents can receive notifications about bus arrivals and departures, ensuring they are informed and can plan accordingly.

TIS Fleet tracking includes features that monitor driver behavior, promoting safe driving practices.

Some systems offer video monitoring to capture incidents on the bus, ensuring student safety and discipline.

 Parents and students can receive accurate ETA notifications, reducing waiting times and ensuring students are at the bus stop on time.

Our school bus tracking system can be integrated with student attendance records, allowing school administrators to track student attendance on the bus.

iFleetSBMS is integrated with cameras and GPS technology to ensure real-time tracking and monitoring, providing schools and parents with a comprehensive solution.

Real-time communication between drivers and school staff is crucial for addressing unexpected situations or coordinating changes to the route.

The iFleetSBSM system can store historical data for analysis, allowing schools to optimize routes, improve scheduling, and address any recurring issues.

Users can access the tracking system through dedicated mobile apps, making it easy to check the bus’s status on the go.

The iFleetSBSM systems use RFID or smart card technology for student identification and to ensure that only authorized students board the bus.
The iFleetSBSM system can include features for driver identification, ensuring that only authorized personnel operate the school bus.

TIS school bus tracking system lowers insurance costs by improving safety, reducing risks, and providing insurers with data that demonstrates responsible risk management.

The iFleetSBSM system can provide maintenance alerts, notifying administrators when a bus requires maintenance or repairs to ensure roadworthiness.

Security measures are in place to protect the data and ensure only authorized users have access to the system.

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How Our iFleetSBSM School Bus Tracking System Works

The iFleetSBSM school bus GPS tracking system provides a means for both the school and parents to enhance transparency, safety, and management of school buses. This system offers insights into the precise GPS location of the buses, their arrival and departure times at each stop, duration of stoppages, student pick-up and drop-off, and even the capability to receive alerts in case of delays.


Monitoring students’ body temperature is essential in various educational settings, especially during times of health concerns, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Early temperature monitoring can help identify individuals with potential fever, a common symptom of many illnesses. 

Students temperature Monitoring

Prevention to Drivers:  The Bus Drivers are equipped with a temperature monitoring app loaded onto their mobile or tablet.

Students Temperature Log:

  • As students board the bus, the magic bracelet automatically sends the students’ temperature data to the bus driver’s mobile or tablet.
  • If high body temperature is recorded, the bus driver sees the data prior to the student boarding the bus.
  • A report and alerts are sent to the school’s designated staff.

iFleetSBSM School Bus Routing Software

Effortlessly import your current routes or create and fine-tune them using our route optimization tool.

Empower transportation managers with the ability to enhance visibility and control throughout their entire operation. Always stay informed about which students boarded each bus and their respective timings, and have real-time access to the estimated time of arrival at each stop.

IoT connectivity for fleets

RFID-Based School Bus Tracking Solutions

Select from Passive or Active RFID cards and allocate them to each student for instant logging of student activities. Enhance visibility and gain the capability to monitor attendance, student whereabouts, unauthorized access, and identify any misuse of the same ID card with ease.

rfid student attendance monitoring system
Active RFID (Mini IoT RFID Tags)

Student monitoring via active RFID using mini IoT tags, often referred to as active RFID tags, is a more advanced and real-time approach compared to passive RFID. These tags are equipped with their own power source and can actively transmit data to a central monitoring system, making them suitable for more dynamic and real-time tracking scenarios.

rfid attendance monitoring system
Passive RFID (Student ID Cards)

Monitoring students via passive RFID using ID cards is a common and efficient method in educational institutions for various purposes, such as attendance tracking, access control, and security. Here’s how student monitoring via passive RFID using student ID cards typically works:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is school bus tracking?

School bus tracking is a technology-driven system that allows educational institutions and parents to monitor the real-time location and status of school buses. It involves the use of various tracking devices, such as GPS (Global Positioning System) and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), as well as software applications to provide visibility and control over school bus operations. The primary purpose of school bus tracking is to enhance the safety, efficiency, and transparency of student transportation services.

School bus routing software is a specialized computer program or application designed to efficiently plan and manage the routes that school buses follow to transport students to and from school. It is a valuable tool for school districts and transportation departments, helping them optimize bus routes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the safety and reliability of student transportation.

School bus tracking systems use GPS and RFID technology to monitor the school bus’s location. GPS provides real-time geographical coordinates, while RFID may be used for attendance tracking and security. This data is transmitted to a central server or application accessible to parents and school officials.
You can typically track your child’s school bus using a dedicated mobile app or web portal provided by the school or the bus tracking service. You will need a unique login to access the system.
School bus tracking systems are designed with privacy and security in mind. They typically use encrypted data transmission and secure access controls to protect student information.
Yes, many school bus tracking systems offer real-time alerts to parents regarding bus locations, estimated arrival times, and any delays or issues.
Most tracking systems have a feature for reporting concerns or issues, allowing you to communicate with school transportation authorities or submit feedback and concerns.
Yes, if the system is equipped with RFID or similar technology, it can provide information on when and where your child boarded and exited the bus.
School bus tracking systems are designed with privacy and security in mind. They typically use encrypted data transmission and secure access controls to protect student information.
School bus tracking is available in both rural and urban areas, although the availability of certain features, like real-time tracking, may depend on the coverage of cellular networks in more remote regions.

Schools employ RFID chips for student tracking. Whether through Passive or Active RFID chips assigned to each student, this technology allows for instantaneous logging of student movements, enhancing visibility. It facilitates the tracking of attendance, records boarding and disembarking times, and helps in identifying unauthorized boarding or duplicate usage of ID cards.

The finest GPS tracker for school buses seamlessly connects parents, administrators, and school buses into a unified platform. It ensures that school bus drivers adhere to pre-designated optimal and safe routes.
In a post-COVID-19 context, we now provide RFID wearable bracelets that continuously monitor student temperatures, relaying data to the platform. Additionally, our student monitoring solution has expanded to cover tracking within the entire school campus.