Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring System

The Ultimate Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Enhance Compliance, Profitability, and Productivity in Your Reefer Trailer Fleet with iFleetTemp Reefer temperature Monitoring. Maintain real-time control and surveillance of your cargo throughout cold chain transportation.

A User-Friendly, Durable, and Waterproof GPS and Temperature Monitoring System.

Remote temperature monitoring of reefer trailers is vital in the cold supply chain, not only for regulatory compliance but also for early detection of refrigeration equipment malfunctions. TIS iFleetTemp cold chain monitoring system offers a solution that operates independently of any GPS tracking system installed on the tractor. This independence allows for dedicated cargo monitoring, reducing reliance on the company pulling the load.

In the United States, federal regulations place responsibility on drivers and shippers to ensure the safety of food under their care, in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Given the serious health risks associated with spoiled goods, these regulations are rigorously enforced, and stringent standards are upheld. Cold supply chain shippers and carriers are ensuring compliance by employing asset tracking sensors in their reefer trailers to oversee temperature and other environmental factors.

How Our iFleetTemp Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring and Tracking System Works

The iFleetTemp reefer trailer temperature monitoring system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge wireless GPS temperature sensors with a robust reefer trailer tracking cloud platform. Explore how it operates below.


By integrating our cutting-edge wired or wireless GPS temperature monitoring sensors with our robust cloud platform, our iFleetTemp reefer trailer temperature monitoring solution delivers real-time, precise data. It allows for tracking, management, and recovery of all reefer trailers and container units while maintaining cargo temperature within acceptable ranges, thereby reducing the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.


Attain Reefer Temperature Control To Eliminate Fluctuation.

Our iFleetTemp trailer temperature monitoring system empowers you to achieve round-the-clock reefer visibility and control over the location and temperature status of your perishable assets as they transit the cold chain.

  • Mitigate the Risk of Perishable Cargo Using Advanced Sensors and Temperature Alerts.
  • Stay informed with temperature change notifications if they fall outside the acceptable range.
  • Configure immediate alerts for any deviations in safe temperature levels.
  • Keep a close watch on reefer performance and cargo temperature.
Reefer Trailer Tracking

Streamline FDA Compliance with Cold Chain Monitoring

Effortlessly achieve compliance and fulfill the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) with our cold chain monitoring system.

  • Simplify reefer temperature monitoring by accessing current and past temperature logs in the TIS iFleetTemp Fleet Dashboard.
  • Review historical temperature logs conveniently in the Reports section of the TIS Dashboard, allowing you to export reports with customized time frames, assets, and data intervals for in-depth analysis. 
  • Demonstrate the cold chain conditions during transportation by utilizing reefer temperature tracking logs within the Fleet Dashboard.

Cargo/ Reefer Temperature Monitoring App To Empower fleet operators with real time data

The TIS Driver App provides real-time visibility into cold chain temperature monitoring, empowering customers with enhanced control over their temperature-sensitive deliveries during transit.

  • Drivers can access real-time and historical temperature records for all transported goods.
  •  Immediate temperature alerts keep drivers informed of any deviations, enabling prompt action to prevent spoilage when necessary. 
  • Drivers can supplement each alert with comments, offering dispatchers additional insight and context on alert generation and resolution.
Reefer Temperature Monitoring
Cold Chain temperature monitoring

Enhance Reefer Operational Efficiency

Boost your profitability by minimizing excess fuel consumption, cargo spoilage, and reefer maintenance.
  • Link up to six Environmental Sensors to a single Asset Gateway, establishing an advanced, multi-point reefer monitoring system. Mitigate cargo claims with precise data and accuracy.
  • Analyze real-time and historical telematics through Thermo King integration and TIS Environmental Sensor, encompassing fuel usage, fault codes, and reefer telematics. Take proactive measures to address maintenance and performance concerns.
  • Streamline your cold chain software expenses with the all-in-one iFleetTemp Dashboard, allowing simultaneous monitoring of reefer temperature and telematics data alongside drivers, vehicles, and equipment in a unified interface.

Efficient Reefer Control

Centralize the control of reefer units to reduce costly human errors in programming and use.

  • Effortlessly activate and deactivate the reefer to attain the desired temperature. Pre-cool the trailer precisely before loading, reducing reefer operating hours and fuel consumption.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by centralizing reefer unit control, minimizing the risk of programming and usage errors. Schedule multiple reefer commands and track status updates using the Fleet Dashboard.
  • Configure reefer monitoring alerts for Thermo King units, triggering notifications when environmental conditions deviate from defined parameters. 
  • Customize alert priority, frequency, and recipients to align with your requirements.
  • Maintain oversight of all ongoing reefer alarms through the Fleet Dashboard, allowing for alarm clearance during pre-trip or notification setup for specific alarm codes.
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Reefer trailer temperature monitoring system

A Comprehensive Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring Solution

 Opt for either wired or wireless temperature monitoring sensors to proactively monitor and manage the temperature and location of your reefer trailers or any temperature-controlled assets, effectively reducing temperature-related spoilage expenses.

Routing Optimization At Ease

Effortlessly import your job assignments, delivery and pickup details, load sizes, and truck dimensions. Allow iFleetGPS to generate the most efficient routes for you, allocate jobs or loads to the routes, and optimize the sequence of stops within each route. Automatically transfer the optimized route to the driver’s mobile device. Display step-by-step instructions and offer turn-by-turn directions to guide the driver from one stop to the next.
Trailer Tracking Management

Top Features Breakdown

Enhance your reefer temperature control, optimize routes, monitor temperature-sensitive cargo, and provide real-time ETA updates to your customers with iFleetTemp reefer temperature monitoring solution.
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Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring Products

We Provide a Range of GPS Temperature Monitoring Devices and Sensors to Fulfill Your Specific Needs and Requirements, Suitable for Reefer Units, Refrigerated Trailers, Cold Rooms, and Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Piccolo Hybrid IOT
Piccolo Hybrid IOT
Piccolo TMX+
Piccolo TMX+
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Wireless Temperature Sensor
Piccolo STX IOT
Piccolo STX IOT


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