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Affordable EMS Billing Services For Comprehensive Medical Practices powered by iFleetAMS.

Streamline your ambulance billing process with our comprehensive iFleetAMS solution, designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency while maximizing your revenue. Our service empowers you to focus on patient care, knowing that your billing is in expert hands.

iFleetAMS A/R Command Billing System

Ambulance medical billing is a critical component of emergency care, ensuring that reimbursement systems work efficiently and help save lives. As a leading EMS ambulance billing company serving all 50 states, we bring a professional and expert approach to medical billing for ambulances with the help of the iFleetAMS system. Our coding is aligned with the latest EMS trends, providing premium medical billing services that can significantly boost your revenue.

Optimize billing speed

Our electronic claim submissions and streamlined workflow allow for fast and precise invoicing, optimizing the billing process.

Ensure accuracy

We minimize rejections and denials by verifying insurance coverage for every ambulance run and meticulously reviewing patient data and demographics.

Maintain steady cash flow

We initiate billing within days of transport, significantly reducing your reimbursement cycle time.


The financial health of any business is greatly dependent on timely billing and diligent collection practices. The iFleetAMS Billing System gives you the tools you need to rapidly produce accurate billing as well as the ability to maximize the collection.

The Dispatch Data Interface allows information collected in the Dispatch Module to automatically transfer the data required for billing.

How Our Ambulance Billing Solution Works

An Ambulance Billing System, also known as EMS (Emergency Medical Services) billing, is a comprehensive solution for managing the billing and reimbursement process for ambulance services provided to patients during medical emergencies. The iFleetAMS Ambulance Billing System streamlines the process of receiving payment for ambulance services, ensuring that EMS providers are adequately compensated for their critical work during medical emergencies and helping to make an ambulance management service easier. It also helps patients navigate insurance claims and financial responsibilities related to ambulance transportation and medical care. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how our Ambulance Billing System works:
  • Patient Transport and Care: The process begins with a medical emergency where a patient requires ambulance services. Highly trained EMS professionals provide care and transportation to the patient, ensuring their safety and well-being during transit.

  • Patient Information and Documentation: EMS personnel gather crucial patient information, such as name, address, date of birth, medical history, and insurance details. They document the medical services provided, including vital signs, treatments, medications administered, and other relevant information.

  • Dispatch Records: Dispatchers record details of the emergency call, including the nature of the emergency, location, and dispatch time. This information serves as the basis for billing.

  • Data Entry and Documentation: Once the patient reaches the hospital or medical facility, EMS personnel complete a Patient Care Report (PCR) or Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR). The PCR contains detailed information about the patient’s condition, the care provided, and the specific procedures carried out.

  • Coding and Documentation Review: Medical coders review the PCR to ensure proper coding of the services rendered. Accurate coding is vital for billing and reimbursement.

  • Billing Process: The EMS billing department creates a bill based on the provided patient and service information. The bill includes details about the ambulance service, medical procedures, mileage, and other relevant charges.

  • Claim Submission: The billing department submits claims to various payers, such as health insurance providers, Medicare, Medicaid, and the patient themselves (if they are responsible for a portion of the bill). Electronic claim submission is common for faster processing.

  • Claim Adjudication: Payers review the claims to determine the covered amount, eligibility, and any discrepancies. This step can result in approval, denial, or requests for additional information (such as medical records).

  • Denial Management and Appeals: If a claim is denied or not fully reimbursed, the EMS billing department may initiate appeals or resubmit the claim with additional documentation to rectify the issue.

  • Patient Statements and Collections: Patients receive statements that outline their financial responsibility for any outstanding balances not covered by insurance. Collections efforts may be initiated for unpaid balances.

  • Account Reconciliation and Reporting: The billing system keeps track of payments, denials, and the status of outstanding accounts. Reporting tools are used to monitor the financial performance of the ambulance service and assess the effectiveness of the billing process.

Seamless Dispatch Integration

Our system boasts a seamless integration with your dispatch process. Billing details are seamlessly incorporated into the call-taking and dispatch system, empowering dispatchers to capture essential information for streamlined billing and invoicing. iFleetAMS’ intelligent call-taking interface is designed to automate the billing process, drawing from dispatch settings and your facility contracts.

This automation optimizes the TISFleet workflow. Closed dispatches seamlessly progress through quality assurance checks and are then categorized into specific billing queues. These queues can be managed by different personnel or outsourced according to your preferences.

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Simplified EMS Claim Coding

TISFleet’s EMS insurance claim coding system is purpose-built for the EMS industry, offering a streamlined and user-friendly approach compared to generic medical coding applications. A significant portion of your claim data is auto-populated using the information gathered from dispatch, PCR, and quality assurance records.

iFleetAMS system is well-versed in the service codes and modifiers commonly used in EMS, simplifying the process with point-and-click functionality to minimize errors.

Rely on TISFleet for EMS Compliance and Data Security

TISFleet is committed to maintaining EMS compliance and ensuring the security of your data. We employ a comprehensive range of physical, network, and procedural security measures, following industry best practices to keep your agency in line with regulations like HIPAA.

Our billing specialists are continually updated on the latest industry and government regulations about patient data privacy and confidentiality. They adhere to our stringent processes and employ the same EMS Billing Software trusted by our clients. By doing so, iFleetAMS not only safeguards your data but also protects your agency from potential fraudulent billing.

Choosing TISFleet as your billing provider assures that your claims are not only accurate and compliant but also audit-ready at all times.

Efficient Automated Invoicing

Our automated invoicing system diligently monitors all outstanding payments within the workflow, automatically generating and regenerating invoices until balances are fully settled.

When it comes to sending out your invoices, you have the flexibility to select from a variety of printing and exporting formats, catering to your customers’ preferences, whether they prefer simplified or highly detailed invoicing documents.

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Comprehensive Activity Tracking

In TISFleet, every action is meticulously tracked and timestamped by our innovative iFleetAMS system. Whether it’s a dispatch, patient record, vehicle data, station information, employee details, time clock entries, QA reviews, or any other data point, the system keeps a record of who created it, the creation time, who last modified it, and the last modification timestamp.

For dispatch and invoice records, this tracking goes even further. Each entry is fully journaled, offering a detailed history of every modification, including the responsible party and the precise moment of each change. With this level of transparency, identifying and addressing errors or training needs becomes a seamless process.

Increase Revenue with Optimized EMS Revenue Cycle Management

In today’s challenging healthcare landscape, where reimbursements are dwindling, and operational costs are on the rise, your agency faces greater pressure to maximize every eligible source of revenue. TISFleet’s iFleetAMS featured EMS Billing Services are dedicated to helping you achieve this goal. We offer specialized knowledge and a deep commitment to optimizing your revenue cycle management (RCM). RCM encompasses all the administrative and financial processes that address common gaps from dispatch to discharge, which can result in revenue losses and hinder cash flow. Our team of EMS billing experts is dedicated to accelerating your revenue collection by:
  • Identifying avenues to capture revenue that might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Recognizing and addressing billing delays that can slow down your reimbursements.
  • Pinpointing opportunities for reducing billing-related costs.
  • Eliminating barriers that impede a streamlined billing process.

From initial pre-billing steps to eligibility and insurance verification, coding, claim submission, collections, payer contracting, and more, our EMS Billing Services are designed to ensure that each phase contributes to a robust top and bottom line.

Seamless Online Payment Processing

TISFleet provides a user-friendly self-pay portal integrated with Stripe, enabling your customers to conveniently settle their invoices online. This portal empowers customers to make payments using credit cards or ACH transfers, allowing them to clear their invoices without requiring intervention from your billing department. In cases where reinvoicing is needed, the iFleetAMS system handles the rerouting of the affected receivables.

The setup of this integration is straightforward, and once configured, it operates automatically. It’s important to note that you maintain full control of your Stripe account, ensuring that funds received from your customers are never held by TISFleet LLC.

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Real-time Progress Tracking with 24/7 Report Access

Effective financial oversight is paramount for ensuring the smooth operation of your agency. TISFleet’s EMS Billing Services offer you the tools to stay on top of your financial health. With us, you’ll always be well-informed about your standing.

We provide comprehensive online visibility and complete transparency for every invoice and your entire accounts receivable (AR). Furthermore, we offer access to a diverse array of standard billing reports that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Your team can even utilize the same EMS Billing Software that our billers employ on your behalf. This ensures that you have the information you need right at your fingertips, precisely when you need it.


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