GPS ASSET Tracking Solutions

Robust asset monitoring solutions At Ease

Our Asset Tracking Solutions offer unparalleled visibility and control over your valuable assets, whether it’s equipment, vehicles, or inventory. With real-time tracking, detailed reports, and intuitive dashboards, our platform enables you to optimize asset utilization, streamline operations, and enhance security.

Unlock Comprehensive Asset Visibility and Control for Optimal Asset Utilization With iFleetGPS

Leverage the synergy between the iFleetGPS authorized cloud platform and our top-tier Piccolo GPS asset trackers, including battery-powered and solar-powered options. This combination delivers real-time asset tracking, precise inventory management, geofencing alerts for entry and exit, unauthorized movement notifications, and in-depth reporting on routes, inventory, battery status, and in/out activities. For added functionality, you can incorporate optional sensors like temperature sensors to ensure temperature control.

Streamline Asset Tracking for Enhanced Control

Effortlessly centralize asset tracking and enjoy the confidence of constant asset visibility, even in remote or challenging locations.

Optimize Utilization, Minimize Operational Expenses

Leverage our comprehensive 360° reports to pinpoint underutilized assets, eradicating the need for manual check-ins and yard searches, ultimately reducing operational costs.

Track All Assets, Everywhere

Our state-of-the-art hardware solutions empower you to effortlessly monitor both powered and unpowered assets, including heavy equipment.



Optimize your complete supply chain with real-time iFleetGPS data monitoring solutions. Gain precise insights into the whereabouts, usage, and reasons behind your trailers and containers’ deployment, empowering your team to enhance their profitability for your enterprise.
Trailers tracking
Container Tracking


Effortlessly monitor shipping containers, reefer containers, intermodal units, and more using our range of long-lasting battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices designed for non-powered assets.


Track generators, forklifts, light towers, and more with our user-friendly plug-and-play asset tracking devices tailored for high-value equipment. Enhance asset utilization and visibility across job sites while safeguarding your heavy equipment against theft powered by iFleetGPS.

Heavy Equipment Tracking
Tools Tracking


Efficiently ‘tag and track’ on-site tools such as toolboxes, drills, ladders, and more with our compact IoT Tags, providing comprehensive visibility for your valuable tools, reducing theft, generating instant inventory reports, and revealing their most recent locations.


Elevate your supply chain efficiency with our pallet tracking solution. Real-time tracking and IoT technology enable you to monitor pallet movement, enhance asset utilization, and streamline inventory management for improved operational productivity.

Pallet Tracking

How Our iFleetGPS Asset Tracking System Works

Experience the seamless integration of our cloud-based GPS asset tracking software with advanced GPS asset tracking devices. Discover how it works below.


Enhance Global Asset Visibility and Reduce Business Expenses with Our iFleetGPS Asset Tracking System.

IoT Asset Tracking

Access vital data points at your fingertips with readings from a variety of sensors, including temperature and pressure. Monitor in real-time to proactively address issues on the spot.

IOT Asset Tracking
asset tracking gps

Enhance Asset Visibility and Control

Observe, monitor, and track the real-time location of every asset in your fleet, gaining a comprehensive overview of your entire asset inventory.


Comprehensive Data Reporting

Generate a wide range of asset inventory management reports, including geofence reports, inventory summaries, movement logs, and both real-time and historical location data, among others.

Cold Chain Monitoring
asset monitoring system

Tailored for Assets

Our exclusive GPS tracking devices designed for asset tracking provide real-time visibility and control over valuable assets. These devices offer efficient asset management, location monitoring, and data collection for improved security and inventory management. With customizable features and long battery life, they ensure seamless asset tracking and monitoring across various industries


Enhance Asset and Cargo Security

Prevent theft by configuring geofence boundaries, including nested boundaries. Receive notifications when assets exit or enter these boundaries, when doors open or close, and when sudden vibrations occur.

asset tracker gps
GPS Asset tracking

A Comprehensive GPS Asset Tracking Solution

Enhance your asset tracking capabilities by integrating IoT temperature sensors to monitor the temperature, time, and location of refrigerated shipping containers, reefer containers, and refrigerated cargo. This integration helps minimize the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.

Check Our Following Asset Tracking Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Solar Piccolo ATX2S IOT
Solar Piccolo ATX2S IOT
Solar Piccolo ATMS IOT
Solar Piccolo ATMS IOT
Battery Powered Piccolo ATX
Battery Powered Piccolo ATX
Piccolo Mini Solar
Piccolo Mini Solar
Solar Powered RFID Tags
Solar Powered RFID Tags


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