GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions

Intelligent Trailer Tracking System For Monitoring Fleets

Elevate your trailer management with our advanced trailer tracking system, providing real-time location and status information to optimize your logistics operations. Ensure the security and efficiency of your trailers throughout their journey with our comprehensive iFleetGPS solution.

From Large to Small, We Have Your Needs Covered.

iFleetGPS GPS trailer tracking solutions ensure the safety of your cargo and on-time deliveries, regardless of the scale. Whether your containers are on the move or at rest, TISFleet’s GPS tracking solutions provide complete, real-time visibility for trailers and containers.

How Our iFleetGPS Trailer Tracking System Works


TISFleet provides the industry’s most precise, robust, and dependable asset tracking and cargo monitoring solutions for dry van trailers. Our GPS tracking devices and intelligent software offer unparalleled accuracy, offering a clear view of trailers to reveal untapped capacity and hidden potential.

Easy Installation, Cost-Effective, and Driven by Top-Tier Software. ​

iFleetGPS GPS trailer tracking solutions provide precise insights into the location and utilization of your trailers and shipping containers.
  • Experience real-time location updates and uninterrupted in-transit visibility.
  • Utilize interactive route replay with visual cues for stops and alerts.
  • Receive geofence notifications if a trailer or container departs designated areas.
  • Stay informed about suspicious activities and unauthorized usage with timely alerts
Fleet Tracking Application
Trailer gps locator

Enhance Fleet and Asset Visibility.

Effortlessly boost visibility into your fleet and remote assets with iFleetGPS ‘ platform, offering swift trailer tracking through solar rechargeable battery options and robust GPS devices. Our GPS asset monitoring solutions feature ready-made dashboards that oversee your complete fleet, encompassing trailers, GPS connectivity, battery health, location, movement, and compliance adherence. Leverage insightful reports to optimize cargo capacity and resource utilization, allowing fleet managers to promptly pinpoint underperforming trailers. Say goodbye to uncertainties about equipment maintenance costs and configure email or text alerts based on geofence triggers

Attain Comprehensive Cold Chain Visibility

For cold chain, we provide both wired and wireless temperature monitoring solutions tailored to your requirements, complementing a comprehensive fleet management, routing, ELD, and dashcam solution. Gain complete control over reefer device data and trailer tracking information through a unified solution, enhancing your understanding and transparency of the entire cold chain operation. Optimize the on-road efficiency of your assets by leveraging iFleetGPS ‘ range of GPS trackers, smart sensors, advanced battery management features, and temperature command and control tracking capabilities.
gps tracker for trailer
asset monitoring system

GPS Locator Tailored for Trailers

The Piccolo Hybrid trailer GPS locator device provides real-time GPS check-ins while connected to the cabin. It seamlessly switches to its battery backup when disconnected, ensuring uninterrupted visibility for trailers stationed at job sites during unloading and reloading.

Seamless Sensor Integration For Enhance Trailer and Cargo Security.

Sensors enable comprehensive monitoring of doors, cargo, tire pressure, temperature, and beyond. By seamlessly integrating diverse sensor data with third-party insights, you gain a more precise overview of your entire operation.

It establishes perimeter boundaries for specific areas and track when a trailer enters and exits these zones.

asset tracker gps
GPS Asset tracking

One Unified Platforms For All Data

Streamline trailer management, enhance trailer utilization, and track detention through one unified, cloud-based iFleetGPS solution.

Minimize Idle Time

Efficiently identify, locate, and reassign dormant trailers, matching them with an accessible driver. Optimize the management of trailers, containers, and cargo with our Yard Check feature. This tool allows customers to conduct a virtual inventory of their trailer yards through GPS asset tracking and our iFleetGPS platform. Boost the load capacity of each trailer per month, maximizing profitability and curbing capital expenditures.
trailer gps system
camper trailer gps tracker

Efficiently Handle Detention Billing.

Monitor the duration a trailer spends at a customer location, identifying trailers still within their free time and those in detention.

Streamline detention billing through seamless integrations with TMS/ERP systems

Enhance Your Profitability

TIS trailer tracking solutions are designed to mitigate losses and optimize asset utilization.

utility trailer tracking device

Check Our Following Trailer Tracking Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Piccolo Hybrid IOT
Piccolo Hybrid IOT
Solar Powered RFID Tags
Solar Powered RFID Tags
Battery Powered Piccolo ATX
Battery Powered Piccolo ATX
Solar Powered Piccolo ATX2S IOT
Solar Powered Piccolo ATX2S IOT


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