Dual Dash Cam For Fleet Telematics

Enhance Fleet Safety and Visibility with 360° Video Coverage

TIS Fleet’s dual fleet dash cam system powered by iFleetCam includes both interior and exterior cameras, providing you with live video feeds and recorded footage from various trips. This combination of visual documentation and GPS tracking data serves both compliance and safety purposes.

The Most Advanced iFleetCam Fleet Dash Cam Solutions.
Providing Round-the-Clock Protection for Fleets.

Video telematics is a cutting-edge technology that combines GPS tracking with real-time video footage, providing a comprehensive solution for fleet management by enhancing vehicle monitoring, driver behavior analysis, and overall safety.

iFleetCam is a comprehensive fleet Dash Camera System for commercial fleet vehicles, seamlessly integrated with telematics. It offers optional dash cam expansions, side and rear-facing cameras, and an in-cab monitor for a complete 360° view.

Installation is hassle-free with no hardwiring required, and it offers on-demand live viewing and historical video downloads. With up to 128GB of built-in SD storage, it provides approximately one week of recording and ensures continuous recording while the vehicle operates. It is available for connectivity through 4G or over Wi-Fi.

Enhance Fleet Safety

Ensure driver compliance with road safety regulations, including staying attentive, refraining from using mobile devices, and avoiding aggressive maneuvers, lane changes, and speeding

Swift Connectivity

iFleetCam featured Fleet Dash Cams are accessible in both 4G and Wi-Fi configurations when paired with the Piccolo Plus WiFi.

Comprehensive 360° View

Eliminate uncertainty and expedite insurance claims using seamless 360° HD video footage, GPS locations, and telematics data. The system can be expanded to accommodate side, rear, and interior cameras, along with the option of an in-cab monitor.

How Our iFleetCam Fleet Dash Cam Solutions Work

Empower your fleet with our state-of-the-art video telematics solutions – where safety, efficiency, and real-time insights converge for a seamless and secure journey every mile of the way.

Our dual driver-facing GPS dash cam system delivers exceptional video quality and provides easy access to valuable video footage and driver insights, making it the ideal dash cam solution for your busy team. Many other dashcams on the market lack the quality and accessibility that our products provide.

Dual Dash Cam

Key Features

GPS Dash Cam Solutions

Detect and Record Risk

iFleetCam Dual Dash Camera automatically records high-definition video and swiftly uploads critical incident footage to the cloud for rapid review. This real-time visibility empowers you to safeguard your drivers and business during crucial moments.

*The video below showcases real footage captured by our Video Telematics solution.


Lower Cellular Data Expenses

Our Wireless Dual GPS Dash Cams transmit video footage via WiFi, allowing fleets to implement an integrated GPS fleet management and fleet dash cam system without incurring additional cellular data and carrier expenses. This feature empowers fleet managers to provide real-time coaching and exoneration for drivers.

Fleet Dash cam
Fleet Dash Cam system

Review Significant Driver Violations

Easily analyze both driver-facing and road-facing video footage using your smartphone or computer. Identify the driver, assess their speed, and pinpoint the vehicle’s location through GPS tracking.

Incorporated Co-Driver Assistance

The iFleetCam sponsored fleet camera system records driver behavior incidents, including sudden braking, rapid acceleration, sharp turns, and lane crossings. It automatically categorizes and uploads these events to the cloud, complete with timestamps and locations. This provides you with comprehensive oversight of all driver violations, empowering proactive driver risk management.
Fleet Dash Cam solutions
telematics fleet management

Unlock a New Era in Fleet Management

Our wireless fleet dash cam with integrated GPS tracking offers a comprehensive fleet management solution. It includes live GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, ELD compliance, and an in-cabin WiFi hotspot, making it the most cost-effective and all-encompassing solution available.

OUR GPS FLEET Dash Cam Devices

GPS Dash Cam Solutions

AI2020 DashCam

AI2020 DashCam leads the way in innovation with its modular camera platform, seamlessly integrating fleet safety into our cloud platform for a comprehensive fleet management, ELD, and asset tracking solution.

WLGT10 4G DashCam

The WLGT10 4G DashCam offers the ideal solution for integrated fleet safety and management. It records video footage while the vehicle is in operation and simultaneously transmits real-time GPS data to the cloud platform, providing up-to-the-minute insights into your vehicle’s location, movement, and status. 

With on-demand live view and historical video streaming, as well as remote download capabilities, this dashcam is capable of storing up to one week of video footage on a single 256GB SD Card.

car camera system 360
MDVR Recorder

MDVR Recorder

The MDVR recorder introduces a new video dimension to your fleet, enabling you to record and stream up to 8 video channels to our Cloud server. This provides you with a comprehensive 360° view of every vehicle in your fleet.

Our iFleetCam solution is particularly well-suited for transportation, school bus, field service, and passenger transit fleets.


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